Garlic Fresh

Commonly used as and considered to be a herb Garlic is actually closely related to the Leek and Onion. The bulb is easily recognisable and boasts a deliciously sweet and robust flavour. Garlic can be used in sauces and soups as a seasoning or combined with other herbs to make a rub or marinade. Garlic can be used to great effect with roast meat and even roasted by itself makes an incredibly sweet and delicious component to a meal. Garlic can also be combined with butter to make rubs for meat or garlic bread, it can also be smoked or roasted for later use which sweetens and intensifies the flavour. We stock fresh Garlic at all times but we also can source garlic grappes (plaits), black, smoked and wet garlic. If you require any of these please ask about availability.

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