The cucumber may seem humble and unassuming but this salad staple from the gourd family is actually incredibly diverse and originates from India but is now due to its popularity is grown globally.

Known for its distinctive shape and nutritional value our cucumbers come in three varieties. The slicing cucumber is the most common, picked before they fully ripen to ensure the nicest flavour the slicing cucumber is at home in any salad or sandwich.

Pickling cucumbers are smaller than their slicing counterpart and are best after being preserved where they are transformed into a ever popular burger topping; The gherkin.

Burpless cucumbers are the longest and thinnest variety of cucumber and are also reportedly the easiest to digest (hence their name)Possessing a lighter more delicate skin and sweeter flavour the Burpless is noted for being the tastiest variety available and much like the slicing cucumber is ideally suited for use in salads and on sandwiches.

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