Cauliflower comes in a variety of colours, White Cauliflower is the most commonly found. Rich in fiber the tightly packed florets have a mild nutty flavour which compliments stronger flavours and spices making it popular in Indian food due to its ability to absorb the taste of the ingredients it accompanies.

More unusual varieties of Cauliflower are the brightly coloured Orange and Purple varieties.Orange Cauliflower was discovered in 1970 and developed for consumption throughout the 1980’s.
Rich in vitamins the the taste of the Orange Cauliflower intensifies when cooked. much like the more common White Cauliflower the orange pairs well with strong flavours like curry or garlic.
With its unique and vibrant colour it can add an interesting splash of colour to a dish.

Purple Cauliflower gets its deep colour from a high concentration of anthocyanins. it is sweeter and milder in flavour than other cauliflowers and is also less bitter than the more common White Cauliflower.
Much like the Orange Cauliflower the purple can be used to inject a pleasing burst of colour into a meal.

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