Related to the parsnip, celery and fennel, the carrot is a recognisable, versatile and popular ingredient throughout the world. Suited for use in everything from a salad, to soup to in a cake carrots our packed with flavour and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. We stock carrots in a variety of ways throughout the year, our regular washed carrots are in stock all year round, and we try to keep local and English carrots available throughout the year. If needs be we turn to our suppliers in France, Spain or sometimes Italy if stock is limited. Larger horse carrots are also generally available without pre-ordering. Bunched carrots with their tops still on to retain taste and freshness look lovely on shelves. We source these nationally throughout the year occasionally importing them from Spain. If you require dirty carrots please check with our sales team as they are normally only available during the winter months of November to February

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