Green asparagus is the most commonly recognisable type of asparagus on the market but by no means less flavoursome and robust as others. It retains a recognisably earthy and nutty flavour when cooked.

White asparagus obtains its much paler colour due to being grown entirely underground and deprived of sunlight, this leads to a more brittle spear than its green counterpart. However being grown underground leads to a lighter white spear which is sweet and tender and ideal for eating raw or use in salads or even sautéed as an accompaniment to seafood.

Asparagus spears should be broken at their natural bending point and the lower section discarded due to it being woody and bitterer than the younger upper part of the spear. Suitable for cooking with a variety of ingredients, all asparagus benefits from light flavouring and is complimented by nutty ingredients or citrus flavours. Asparagus is also best when cooked quickly so is well suited to being quickly griddled or sautéed. Ideal for the summer months and the onset of fresher flavours.

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