Asparagus Purple

Purple asparagus is a vividly coloured variant of common asparagus originating from the Albenga region of northern Italy. Its violet colouring existing on the skin alone hiding the creamy coloured flesh within.

Containing twenty percent more sugar than common asparagus and a lower amount of lignin makes purple asparagus sweeter and tenderer than other varieties.
Being less fibrous allows purple asparagus to be eaten raw. Coupled with a peak season of spring and throughout summer purple asparagus is ideal for salads or grilling on a barbecue.

Requiring little preparation and cooking, purple asparagus needs only a few simple ingredients in order to stand out in a dish. Whether grilled or sautéed with some simple salt and lemon or served with stronger flavoured ingredients such as bacon, cheeses or garlic this type of asparagus is robust enough to retain its own character.

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