Customer Service

Our main telephone line is manned 24hrs a day from 6pm Sunday evening until 10am the following Saturday. Yes this means that we are actually only closed for trade for a few hours over the weekend. Please note: due to the highly perishable nature of fresh produce we must ask that all shortages and claims must be notified to Sharrocks within 12 hours of receipt of order.

Sharrocks Customer Service
  • Customer Service Manager

    John Eastham

    Direct Dial 01772 708910

    Mobile 07717539403

  • Transport Manager

    Bill Sutton

    Direct Dial 01772 708912

    Mobile 07826867548

  • General Manager

    Jill Moon

    Direct Dial 01772 708902

    Mobile 07769159163

  • Enquiries

    Enquiries / Info

    Direct Line 01772 724444

    Fax 01772 725151